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mayor.png Just when we thought we were making strides in battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Mother Nature unleashed winter on our state and buried our city in ice, snow, and frigid temperatures. Power outages, impassable freeways and streets, and water boil orders for some cities in the Metroplex put a screeching halt to our “new” daily routines. Our First Responders and Public Works Department did an outstanding job helping our citizens in emergency situations, keeping our water flowing, and protecting our city. We are now past those trying days and nights and for many, they are left working to repair the damages incurred. But we will persevere – and be stronger than we were before February 11th. Neighbors helped neighbors and some even made new friends. We checked in on the elderly, made food for those who couldn’t and brought family members and friends to our homes for a warm place to sleep. As our slogan says, we are COMMUNITY DRIVEN – and I believe that that spirit has been made more evident in these difficult times. We are back on track and will continue forging forward through these coming days and weeks ahead. Be well and continue taking care of each other. Here to Serve You, Mayor Gerald Joubert
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