Code Compliance

The City of Forest Hill Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing Municipal Code violations on public and private property within the city limits. Should you have any questions concerning possible code violations or to report a Code Violation, please call (817) 568-3011 or (817) 806-4701 or email us at When reporting a violation, please have a specific address and a detailed description of the violation(s).


Grass or vegetation may not be higher than ten (10) inches. Code will send one (1) letter per year concerning this violation. Should the property not be maintained, then Code will have it mowed. Once Code mows the property an invoice will be sent out for the work that was performed as well as an administrative fee. After thirty (30) days if the invoice remains unpaid a lien will be filed against the property. Please keep your property mowed, weed-eaten, and edged.


Violations for junk vehicles stored on private property include a vehicle that does not have current inspection, current license plate, an inoperable vehicle, and/or a disassembled vehicle. The Code Officer will place an orange tag on the vehicle and if the vehicle is not removed or brought into code, then a letter of notice for a public hearing will be sent to the property owner, vehicle owner, and all lien holders. Once a public hearing is conducted and a judgement is given against the vehicle, then Code will tow and crush the vehicle. Please put all vehicles that are considered junk in the garage, fix it, or sell it; do whatever it takes to remove the violation from public view.


It is a violation to allow any stagnant or unwholesome water, sinks, refuse, filth, carrion, weeds, rubbish, brush, trash, debris, junk, garbage, impure or unwholesome matter of any kind, or other objectionable or unsightly matter of whatever nature to accumulate or remain upon any such real property. Residential properties are not allowed to have outside storage of any matter in the front yard or the back yard if it can be seen from another property, street, sidewalk, etc. Please ensure that your property looks like the “after” picture above.


An illegal home occupation is when a business is being run out of a residence.  A few of the rules for running a business out of the home include: (1) you cannot hire employees; (2) there can be no visible evidence of said business; (3) no sales can be conducted from the dwelling;    (4) no outside storage or signage is allowed; and (5) no additional traffic may be generated due to the business.  Specific businesses not allowed in residential areas are: barber/beauty shops, automotive sales or repair, or any other type of repair shop.   Please contact the Code or Permit Departments before starting a business in your home.


Hazardous structures are any building or structure that is found to be dangerous or dilapidated.  Hazardous structures tend to harbor stray animals or rodents, be havens for vandals, and mischievous persons.


This means to park a vehicle on a surface that is not an all-weather surface and a surface that does not emit dust. A vehicle may not be parked in the front, side, or rear yards on the grass or dirt. All vehicles must park on an improved surface. Should the Code Officer see a vehicle parked on an unimproved surface repeatedly or after a warning from the Officer, then citations will be issued to the vehicle or property owner.


Signs may never be placed within a right-of-way or posted on utility poles. Any sign in violation shall be removed and disposed of. Should you have any questions concerning signs, please do not hesitate to contact our Permit Department.


Any type of construction completed on your property requires a permit. This is a very common violation that can have expensive consequences such as citations being issued or demolition of unpermitted work. Call the Permit Department before beginning any work. The Permit Department is located in City Hall at 3219 California Parkway or you can call (817) 806-4561.


It is unlawful for any person to leave, park, or stand a truck with a rated capacity of one ton or more in any residentially zoned area.  A Code Officer handles trucks as noted above that are parked on private property.  Any vehicle parked in the street, must be reported to the Police Department at (817) 531-5250.


Any fence on a property should be maintained to not be more than 20% out of vertical alignment. Damaged, removed, or missing portions of a fence shall be replaced or repaired with comparable material. All graffiti shall be removed and vegetation should not be allowed to grow into a fence. 


It is illegal to occupy a structure that does not have running water. A home must have running water for sanitary reasons. A home does not require air conditioning, but does require a heater.


It is an offense for anyone to create unauthorized graffiti on any property in the city when the graffiti is visible from public or private property or a right-of-way.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?  Call (817) 568-3011, (817) 806-4701 or email us at